COMP3711H Lecture Sketches

The following are the lecture sketches and the corresponding sections in the textbook. These are usually not detailed notes, so you should take notes in class.

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                                                                                Chapter Reference & Other Sources
Class Intro
Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms   Landscape Version
Maximum Contiguous Subarray Problem

Bentley   Chapter 8
Heapsort    Slides  Handout
Quicksort   Slides  Handout
Mergesort   Notes
Sorting Lower Bound & Radix Sort  Slides Handout  
CLRS Chapters 6, 7
Original Source for  Heapsort

CLRS Chapter 8
A Quick (Re)Introduction to Binary Search Trees
AVL Trees   Slides  Handout
CLRS Chapter 12
A Nice AVL Visualization Applet
Randomized Quicksort & Selection  Slides  Handout
Randomized Selection Example
 DPV Chapter 2.4
Divide & Conquer Intro and Polynomial Multiplication   Slides  Handout

Deterministic Selection    Notes   Worked Example
FFTs and Polynomial Multiplication
No reference, but DPV p.52 has simliar algorithn
                      for integer multiplication
CLRS Chapter 9.3
DPV p. 64+,  CLRS Chapter 30
Alternate  Greedy Algorithms & Fractional Knapsack   Slides  Handout  (untaught)
Greedy Algorithm Slides (taught)  PDF  PPT
Huffman Coding  Slides  Handout
DPV Chapter 5.2, CLRS Chapter 16.3
Introduction to Graphs    Slides  Handout
Breadth First Search       Slides  Handout
Depth First Search          Slides  Handout
Articulation Points          Notes
Topological Sort             Slides  Handout
DPV Chapter 3, CLRS Chapter 22
Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm    Slides
MSTs and Prim's Algorithm             Slides  Handout
Dikstra vs Prim:                               A Worked Example
Kruskal's Algorithm                         Slides     
Union-Find                                      Slides   Handout
DPV Chapter 4.4, CLRS Chapter 24.3
Introduction to Dynamic Programming    Slides  Handout
Chain Matrix Multiplication                     Slides  Handout
Dynamic Programming Over Intervals     Slides Handout
Longest Common Subsequence               Slides  Handout
All-Pairs Shortest Paths                          Slides  Handout
DP Odds and Ends                                Notes  Sketch_Slides           
DPV Chapter 6, CLRS Chapter 15
The Original Paper on Saving Space for LCS
Max-Flow                                              Slides     Handout
More Max Flow Applications                 Handout
CLRS Chapter 26 &  DPV Chapter 7.2
Hashing                                                 Slides    
Linearity of Expectation Review             Slides   
CLRS Chapter 11
Closest Pairs                                          Slides  
Randomized Primality Testing                 Slides 
Stable Marriage (Optional)                    

DPV Chapter 1,  CLRS Chapter 31

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