COMP3711H Tutorial Information

The first (September 4, 2014) tutorial was cancelled.
The instructor was there to answer questions about missing background material.

Students who want more  further sourses for background material can check the following
Unless otherwise stated, the tutorials will primarily run as Problem solving sessions.  A problem set will be distrubuted and students are expected to try and solve the problems (individually and in groups).  The i nstructor and/or TA will be in the room answering any questions students might have.  These problems will not be graded and solutions will not normally be distributed for them.  They are intended primarily as practice for understanding the material.

Handouuts might be modified to correct errors or add information.  All major changes will be documented in the Revision Log

Tutorial Date              Handout                   
04/09/2014 None -- Background Review Session
11/09/2014 Problem Set 1   Prob 5 solution
18/09/2014 Problem Set 2  
25/09/2014 Problem Set 3
09/10/2014 Problem Set 4
16/10/2014 Problem Set 5
23/10/2014 None: Tutorial will be a Q&A review session with  instructor
30/10/2014Problem Set 6
06/11/2014Problem Set 7
13/11/2014Problem Set 8   and  Solutions
20/11/2014Problem Set 9    Problem 5 Solution
27/11/2014Problem Set 10  Problem 3 Solution

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