COMP 3711H -  Fall 2014
Handout Revisions Log

Handouts (Lecures, Tutorials, Assignments, etc.) will sometimes need to be revised to correct errors or to add material.  This page will provide a log of major changes made to handouts.  If a handout is not listed in this revision log no major changes were made to it (This log will not usually note minor corrections of mis-spellings and grammatical errors)

Lecture Sketches

Quicksort Slides  Handout

 Sorting Lower Bound & Radix Sort  Slides Handout 

AVL Trees  Slides  Handout

B-Trees    Slides  Handout

Randomized Quicksort & Selection   Slides  Handout

Divide & Conquer Intro and Polynomial Multiplication   Slides  Handout

Deterministic Selection   Notes

FFTs and Polynomial Multiplication Slides

Greedy Algorithms and Fractional Knapsack  
Slides Handout

Huffman Coding
  Slides  Handout
Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm  Slides
Kruskal's Algorithm Slides

Introduction to Dynamic Programming  Slides Handout

Chain Matrix Multiplication
 Slides Handout

Network Flow Slides Handout
Hashing Slides   Handout

Closest Pairs  Slides  Handout

Linearity of Expectation
Slides  Handout


Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
Problem Set 9
Problem Set 10


Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 4
Math Background

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