AIPS 2002 Workshop

Is There Life Beyond Operator Sequencing?
-- Exploring Real World Planning


April 23, 2002
Toulouse, France

in conjunction with

Sixth International Conference on Planning and Scheduling
AIPS 2002


It is healthy for any scientific field to make critical self-examinations periodically. A review of recent publications in major conferences reveals that the majority of published work in planning has been the efficient sequencing of operators in a well-defined state-based world. The majority of this work assumes that a planning system is given clear goal, operator and state definitions in a logical form, and that the task to be accomplished is to find sequences of operators to achieve these goals. While significant progress has been made in this direction, a lack of widespread applications of this model (as compared to, for example, machine learning, data mining, and speech recognition) raises questions of whether these assumptions actually hold in real world applications, and if this direction of research is indeed highly relevant to practical applications of planning. The heart of this exploration is the question: what does real planning involve?

This AIPS’02 workshop is then devoted to the exploration of alternative views of planning. We wish to organize the workshop to explore novel issues underlying planning that are beyond operator sequencing. We will take a bottom-up approach by welcoming contributions that start at high-impact application areas that might not be considered as planning traditionally. We will further encourage a backwards analysis of the applications towards alternative views and definitions for planning.

Here is the Workshop Call for Papers.


9:00- 9:05 Opening Remarks (Manuela Veloso and Qiang Yang)

9:05-10:00   Keynote Speech:  Multiagent planning in real-time robotic domainsManuela M. Veloso CMU

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 -12:35 Session I (Web and Database Services) Chair: Qiang Yang

Session II (Business Applications) Chair: Bernhard  Nebel

12:35 -14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-15:30 Session III (Robotic Planning) Chair: Sven Koenig

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-18:00 Session IV (Novel Formulations) Chair: Craig Knoblock

  • Invited Talk (25 min) Planning for Intelligent User Interfaces   Dan Weld, University of Washington
  • Panel II (35 min) Novel Planning Formulations for Web and Business Applications.  Panel Chair: Qiang Yang

18:00-18:05: Closing Remarks

 Manuela Veloso (CMU) and Qiang Yang (Hong Kong UST,  Hong Kong) 


Craig Knoblock (ISI/USC) 
Sven Koenig (Georgia Institute of Technology) 
Bernhard Nebel (Institut für Informatik, Germany)
Wei Zhang (Boeing)

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