Current Research Students

Name MPhil/PhD/RA Exp. Grad Date Thesis Topic
NIU Zhe PhD 2022/08 sign-language recognition
YU Xinyuan MPhil 2020/08 multi-modal chatbot
LIU Zhaoyu MPhil 2019/08 crosslingual voice conversion
ZHU Yingke PhD 2019/08 deep learning for speaker verification
LI Wei PhD 2019/08 multilingual document embedding

Former Research Students or Postdocs

Name Degree Grad Date Whereabout Thesis Title
14. FUNG Ho Long MPhil 2018/12 Practical Improvements to Automatic Visual Speech Recognition
13. HUANG Hengguan MPhil 2018/11 Recurrent Poisson process unit for automatic speech recognition
12. Lahiru SAMARAKOON Postdoc 2017/12 Fano Lab, Hong Kong Adaptation of DNN-based acoustic models
11. CHEN Dong Peng PhD 2015/08 Own Startup, VoiceAI, China ASR using multi-tasking learning deep neural network
10. KO Yu Ting, Tom PhD
Noak's Ark Lab, Huawei, Hong Kong Distinct Triphone Modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition
Phone Deletion Modeling in Speech Recognition
9. YE Guo Li PhD 2013/01 Microsoft, Redmond, USA The Use of Discrete Distributions with a Very Large Codebook for Automatic Speech Recognition and Speaker Verification
8. NG Yik Lun, Benny MPhil 2008/01 Discriminative Training of Stream Weights in a Multi-Stream Classifier as a Linear Programming Problem
7. HSIAO Wend Huu, Roger MPhil 2004/11 Apple, Boston, USA Kernel Eigenspace-based MLLR Adaptation
6. HO Ka Lun, Simon MPhil 2003/8 Kernel Eigenvoice Speaker Adaptation
5. CHAN Kin Wah, Ivan MPhil 2003/5 Pruning Hidden Markov Model with Optimal Brain Surgeon
4. CHONG Fong Ho, Franco MPhil 2003/1 Frequency Stream Tying Hidden Markov Model
3. WANG Chi Yung MPhil 2002/12 Knowledge-based Sense Pruning using the HowNet: an Alternative to Word Sense Disambiguation
2. TAM Yik Cheung, Wilson MPhil 2001/7 WeChat, China The Development of an Asynchronous Multi-Band Automatic Speech Recognition System
1. WONG Kwok Man MPhil 2000/8 Speaker Adaptation with Subspace Regression Classes

Current and Former Visiting Interns

Name Home University UG/PG Period
5. Renzhi DUAN Tsinghua University, China UG 2016 Summer
4. Aaron Nicolson Griffith University, Australia UG 2016 Spring
3. Chenwei XIE Zhejiang University, China UG 2014 Fall
2. Daniel R. van Niekerk North-West University, S. Africa PG 2011 Summer
1. Chien-Lin HUANG National Cheng Kung University PG 2007 Fall