Date Name Topic
21st, February Stavros Approximate Aggregation Techniques for Sensor Databases
23th, February Han Jinsong A Survey on Reputation based Trust Management in Peer-to-Peer Systems
28th, February Li Mo Topology Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks
2ed, March Liu Yunhuai Proliferation Routing: a Reliability-oriented Routing
Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
7th, March Liao Shu A Survey: Approaches Limiting DoS & DDoS Attack
9th, March Raymond Sleeping Mechanisms and Their Impacts on WSNs
14th, March Ma Jian Hop Count Issue in Sensor Networks
16th, March Xiong Fang Supporting Ranked Search in Parallel Search Cluster Networks
21st, March Zhu Yanmin Low Duty-cycled Algorithms for Sensor
27th, March Prof. Wu Minyou Smart Surveillance: Robust Sensor Networks vs
Intelligent Targets
( 14:00-15:20 in 4505 )
4th, April Chen Shi Media Access Control in WSN
6th, April Chen Quanbin Reliable Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks
11th, April

Zhuang Yongzhen

Model-driven Data Acquisition in Sensor Networks
13th, April Chen Qiuxia

Zhang Dian

Indexing Large Time Series Databases with Linear Piecewise Approximation

Indoor Tranceiver-free Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Network

11th, May (8:00 pm) PAPADOPOULOS, Stavros Snapshot Queries: Towards Data-Centric Sensor Networks
11th, May (9:00 pm) Shi xiaoqiu Dynamic Adaptive Hybrid Search in P2P Network
14th, May(10:00 am) Ma Jian Sensor Network Architecture
14th, May(11:00 am) Chen Hanhua Estimating Query Difficulty for Adaptive Search in Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Networks
14th, May (1:00 pm) Zhao Yiyang Virtual Reference Elimination: Location Profiling based on Active RFID
14th, May (2:00 pm) Lu li RFID Security and Privacy in Symmetric-key Tags