Installation Guide

Full Version
All Java Fundamental Class and Run Time Environments are included into the Downloadable zip file for users who are not familirize with Java Programming Platform. User can unzip the downloaded zip file into your program files directory and use the executable bat file to execute the Java JICalc
Slim Version

For this version, only the Java Classes Files are included, the Java Virtual Machine for the Java Program to run on is not included. So, user need to have Java Run Time Environment 1.3 RC1 or Java Development Kit 1.3 RC1 installed before this version of Java JICalc to be able to execute.

After Download, unzip the file into your program directory,open a command prompt in Windows platform and type the command "java -jar TuningTable.jar" to run the Java JICalc program.

Source Download
All source code are included in the downloadable zip file
For Windows NT or Windows 2000 users can use the "first_run.bat" as a reference for compile and package the classes into a packaged JAR file. For Windows 95/98 users the first line of the compile bat file should be changed to "javac -g *.java", as the error redirection is not supported in Windows 85/98.
Thanks Graham Breed for reminding me of the error redirection is not working in all platforms.