JICalc for Java

Since this is a program is written for developing a currently underdeveloped field, in order to understand the special terminology, one may  need to refer to the glossary of terms in appendix A.

JICalc for Java will have 3 main functions:

1.Tuning Table

The tuning table allows the user to input and edit tuning information and perform calculations.

Tuning Table in the original JICalc

A Lattice Graph

2.Drawing the Lattice diagram for a set of tuning

Plotting the 3D / 2D-lattice structure of the tuning scale.

Users can also chose multiple pitch from the lattice structure and listen to the sound quality.

Auxiliary functions to assist user define tunings

These functions includes generating sounds of the tunings defined by the user, and a ear training program to help user identify different sound frequencies.

Please refer to Appendix B for the screen of the currently implemented user interface.