Current Research Interests

  • High-Speed Switching/RoutingArchitectures, analysis and design of high-performance switches and Internet routers, scheduling algorithms, traffic management, memory architectures, and quality of service guarantees. Interconnection networks for massive data centers.

  • Network-algorithms/Hardware Co-Design: The design of network algorithms for network equipment (e.g., Switches/Routers, WLANs) that lend themselves to a “constrained” hardware implementation. The framework employed includes algorithmic techniques in conjunction with architectural techniques such as distributed processing, pipelining, and caching.

  • Optical Networks:   Management, resource allocation, and service provisioning in multi-hop wavelength division multiplexing networks, MAC protocols for single-hop WDM networks, GMPLS, IP over WDM, quality of service guarantees, and modeling.

  • Wireless Networking: Design and analysis of wireless access schemes, multimedia transmission over wireless channels, IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.16 (rate adaptation and contention window adjustment), and wireless TCP.

Previous Research Interests

  • Parallel Computing Architectures:Design and analysis of communication networks for parallel comput­ing, application embedding, topological properties, routing, and hardware analysis.

  • Parallel Algorithms: Design and analysis of parallel algorithms for various computationally intensive applications from computer vision, image processing, and scien­tific computing on various parallel architectures and models.

  • High-Performance ComputingDesign, analysis, and implementation of various computationally-intensive applications on supercomputers and networks of workstations , load balancing, and object-ori­ented parallel language design.