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CSIT 5600: Internet Infrastructure: Switches and Routers

Spring Semester 2013

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Lecture #1

Introduction: General Overview of the Internet  Architecture and Protocols


Lecture Video

What is the Internet (And What makes it Run)

Next Generation Networks

Optical Internet Architecture I
Optical Internet Architecture II
Optical Internet Architecture III
Internet Architecture
IP Over Sonet

Lecture #2

Introduction to Internet Routers and Packet Switches


Lecture Video

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Lecture #3

Scheduling and Arbitration in High-Speed Switches and Routers


Lecture Video

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Lecture #4


Introduction to Network-on-Chip (NOC)


Lecture Video

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Lecture #5

Network-on-Chip Architectures and Building Blocks


Lecture Video

Lecture #6 & #7

Congestion Control


Lecture Video 1

Lecture Video 2








Lecture #8

Quality of Service in Wireless LAN


Lecture Video







Lecture #9

Quality-of-Service (QoS) Provision in the Internet


Lecture Video

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Lecture #10

Switching Architectures for Optical Networks


Exam review












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