Courses in Embeddings and Related Areas


  1. Algorithmic Applications of Metric Embeddings  15-859(J)
    CMU, Fall 2003
    Anupam Gupta and R. Ravi
  2. Topics in TCS: Embeddings of Finite Metric Spaces 18.409
    MIT, Fall 2006
    Michel Goemans
  3. Metric Embeddings and Algorithmic Applications CS369
    MIT, Winter 2006
    Tim Roughgarden
  4. Metric Embeddings CSC 2414H
    University of Toronto, Spring 2006
    Avner Magen
  5. Theory of Metric Embeddings CMCS 39600
    University of Chicago, Spring 2006
    Harald Räcke
  6. Approximate distances in graphs and metrics and their algorithmic applications (67610)
    Caltech, Spring 2002
    Manor Mendel
  7. Seminar in Algorithms and Complexity COS598B
    Princeton, Spring 2005
    First 1/2 is on embeddings
    Sanjeev Arora