COMP 572 Project -- Fall 2007


There are 4 different possible projects (you may also suggest something not on the list).  Projects 2-4  come in different variations. Each project/variation indicates the maximum size of a group that can work on that project/variation. Click on individual projects for more details. All programs should be written using languages/packages that are "normally" available on either our department Windows or Solaris machines.  When registering your project (see below),  you should indicate what languages/packages you will be using. We will contact you if there is a problem.

If you have any questions concerning the project please send email to the TA at  or me at Answers to questions of general interest will be posted on the  PROJECT FAQ

A list of who is registered for which project is available here.

  1. Fibonacci Heaps (2 people)
    Implementing  Fibonacci heap algorithm and an animation that shows how the data-structure looks and changes
  2. Max Flow   Test Cases
  3. Max-Bipartite Weighted Matching   Test Cases
  4. Simplex  Test Cases
  5. Suggest your own project.
    Please come to see me if you would like to suggest a project not on the list.

Important Deadlines

Important Details

In your submitted code, the part that implements the algorithm(s)  must be fully and clearly documented so that the marker can read it and understand what each part of the algorithm is doing (and is able to map it to the algorithm)  The GUI does not have to be as fully documented.

All work must be done by your group. That is, no sharing of code between groups is allowed.  All algorithmic code, e.g., the implementations of simplex, the Hungarian algorithm etc., must be written by your group.  With that said,  you may use any off -the-shelf GUI software you find (as long as it has not been developed by any other class group).  In particular,  if you can find good GUIs for implementing basic graph editing (needed for many of the projects) you may  use them.

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