COMP 361 Computer Communication Networks I

Course Project



Mr He Bingsheng ( is  maintaining a FAQ listing the major questions you've had concerning the project along  with answers.  To access it please click here



This is a programming assignment written in Java; JDK 1.4.1 should be used as programming platform. You need to form a group of 2 students to implement a project (if you want, you can do the project individually but it will be marked the same as a two person project).  There are two projects for you to choose from; each  group will implement only one project. The skeletons of the two projects are given to you in the following links.

    The projects are : A Multi-Threaded Proxy Server and A SMTP Server in Java

You need to implement your chosen  project according to the details given in the referenced  RFCs (Requests For Comments).


Due Date: (Extended on Nov 28, 2003. Details below are new submission dates)


Choosing your Project:

Form your group, choose which project you want to do and then send email to Mr He Bingsheng  ( by November  8, 2003, giving the names of the individual(s) in your group and which project you will be doing. He will send back a message acknowledging your email. 


Asking Questions:  

The class TA,  Mr He Bingsheng,  ( will be supervising the projects.  Please email  your questions to him or,  if your problem is best served by a face-to-face meeting, send  him a message to request an appointment. You should be aware  that Mr He will not be available to answer email or meet the three days November 6-8, 2003.



The project must be done independently by the project group. Copying from other groups is strictly prohibited. Students involved in plagiarism will get zero marks for the course project. Please put your code in secure place to prevent unauthorized plagiarism.