Some of my COMP104H/171H Honor students (16 December, 2005):

My FYP students on IPTV, Chan Ka Yue (Jacky), Chiu Tsz Wai and Tang Wai Ho (Tommy) (9 November, 2005):

... and with Winny Luk:

My FYP students on mobile games, Lau Kit Lam (Kenneth), Chiu Man Kwun (Kenny), and Poon Wing Man (Tracy) (9 November, 2005):

HKUST PhD graduates, Dr. Fan Zhang and Dr. Xin Cindy Li (9 November, 2005):

My FYP students, Michael Chi Fai Wong and Tommy Wai Ho Tang, with Professor Albert Chung (30 April, 2005):

My former MPhil, Chan Kin Ching, and my current PhD student, Ken Yiu, in a visit to MSRA (19 February, 2005):

My PhD students, Xing Jin and Ken Yiu, and a Tsinghua student, Yun Tang (19 February, 2005):