My FYP students working on surveillance project: Lee Oi Yan (Kennis), Chan Cheuk Ki (Alfred), Yiu Ching Chak (Billy), Leung Man Fung (Stanley), Ho Chi Wang (Jody), and Tsang Yiu Wing, (24 April, 2004):

My FYP students working on Cyberclassroom project: Cheng Kan Leung, Zhou Hao (Crusoe), Wang Rui (Ivan) and Lin Siwei (Ivy) (8 May, 2004):

Outstanding students luncheon: Stanley Leung, Cheng Kan Leung, Me, Victor Leung, and Alfred Chan (8 May, 2004):

My PG students at their graduation: Simon Wong (MPhil), Ken Yiu (MPhil), Jody Ho (BEng), and Kan-Leung Cheng (BEng) (10 November, 2004):

My COMP362 CPEG student, Ka Shun Jerry Jim (10 November, 2004):

COMP171 co-instructor in Spring 04 and our PhD student, Sheung-Hung Poon (10 November, 2004):