Some of my students after COMP362 lecture in spring, 2000 (May 9, 2000):

Some of my students and TA (leftmost one) in COMP362 Spring, 2000 (May 9, 2000):

Two of my COMP361 (Fall'99) and COMP362 (Spr'00) students, Lam Wai Yeung, Tommy (left) and Wong Chin Man (right) (Nov 7, 2000):

One of my COMP362 (Spr'00) and COMP660E (Fall'00) student, Lai Chun Pong William (Nov 2000):

One of my COMP361 (Fall'99) and COMP362 (Spring'00) student, Lam Wai Yeung Tommy (Nov 2001):