Arthur Chi Chuen Chan, my COMP362 student graduated in 2001 (Mar 10, 04):

A new year gathering with my old and current PG students (Feb 1, 04):

A Beijing trip in Tsinghua University with my PG students Jingyi He, Xing Jin, and Simon Wong (Jan 4, 04):

My friend at Princeton and Stanford: Benjamin Chen (Dec 3, 03):

My MPhil: Wong Wan-Ching William (Nov 6, 03):

With the cap on:

One of our MPhils: Stanley Ng (Nov 6, 03)

MPhils of my FYPs two years ago, Desmond Tsoi, Stanley Ng, and Venus To (Nov 6, 03)

Another of our MPhils and my FYP student two years ago: Desmond Tsoi (Nov 6, 03)

One of our MPhils: Chan Ka Lok (Nov 6, 03)