My TA: Wai-Kwok Fung (Oct, 99):

One of my MPhil PG's: Chan Kin-Ching (Nov, 99)

One of my students in COMP660E (Fall, 00), Nelson Chu (Oct 27, 01)

Some of our PG students, Sze Tsz Wo, Allen, Fung Wai-Kwok, Leung Kai-Kin Ivan (Nov 7, 01)

BBQ with my PG students, Zheng Xing, Chan Kin-Ching, He Jingyi, Angus Lee, Kent Chen, myself, and Chi-San (my wife) (Nov, 01)

Yummy! (Nov, 01)

With Lai Chun Pong William (MPhil, Nov 6, 02)

With Ho Chuen Hung Derek (Msc) and Lai Chun Pong William (MPhil) (Nov 6, 02)