Reading Materials on Cryptography and Security  


discmath.pdf # (Sets and functions) [Compulsory]

soludismath.pdf # (Sample solutions to the "Pause and Think" questions)


modulon.pdf # (The modulo arithmetic) [Compulsory]


Enter here # (Elementary number theory by Peter Hackman) [Recommended for everyone] 


history1.pdf # (History of cryptography: Part I) [Optional]

history2.pdf # (History of cryptography: Part II) [Optional]


readdes.pdf # (The Data Encryption Standard in deatil) [Optional -- for those who want to learn more]


confdiffu.pdf # (Shannon's confusion and difusion) [Optional -- for those who want to learn more]


aesaux.pdf # (Design of block ciphers)


AES.pdf # (The Advanced Encryption Standard) [Optional -- for those who want to learn more]


ideapki.ppt Pictorial presentation of the idea of public key cryptography



Radix-64.pdf # (Radix-64 conversion)



IBE.pdf # (identity based encryption)


Unix Security: The Guide


Unix security page


An overview of Windows NT Security Microsoft documentation