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 Center for Networking (CFN) Homepage

   The mission of the Center for Networking (CFN) is to foster collaborative research effort among the Hong Kong University and Science and Technology (HKUST) faculty members, students, and their academic peers and industry partners. The Center serves as a focal point for multidisciplinary research in networking technologies, and serves the need for the worldwide telecommunications and networking industries, especially in the region of Hong Kong and China, by means of collaborations. In addition, the Center also provides the infrastructure support for other centers within HKUST.

    The main objectives of the Center are:


     1) To carry out the state of the art research in all areas of networking.
     2) To develop new technologies that are of commercial significance.
     3) To create and maintain a skill base through research programs, seminars, and continuing education.
     4) To facilitate industrial collaborations and technology transfer.


    Areas of focus:

  • The following areas are the focus of the current research activities of the Center

  • Next generation Internet

  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks

  • Mobile wireless networking

  • Multimedia and video networking technology

  • Network protocols and applications

  • Real time video and audio streaming

  • IP multicast

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