Title: Quality of Service Routing Algorithms for Bandwidth-Delay Constrained
 Speaker: Mr. Lei Zhang


 The advent of technologies like Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and
 Differentiated Services (Diffserv) has enabled traffic engineering (TE)
 within the Internet to support multimedia applications like Voice over IP
 (VoIP). Although much work has been done on laying MPLS paths to optimize
 performance, most has focused on satisfying bandwidth requirements.
 Relatively little research has been done on laying paths with both bandwidth
 and delay constraints. In this paper, we present bandwidth-delay constrained
 routing algorithms that use knowledge of the ingress-egress node pairs in
 the network in reducing the rejection rates for setting up new paths.
 Simulation is used to evaluate the algorithms and compare their performance
 against some existing algorithms for bandwidth constraints that have been
 modified to handle delay constraints. The results show that the proposed
 algorithms outperform all others under a wide range of workload, topology
 and system parameters.
 Mr. Lei Zhang received his B.Eng. degree in the Department of Computer
 Science of Tsinghua University (Beijing, PRC.) in 2000. He is currently a
 PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science of HKUST. His research
 interest is Quality of Service routing with additional information and ad
 hoc networks. See http://ihome.ust.hk/~zhanglei for more information.